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"After four wonderful sessions with Ali I can say I have made huge progress energetically, and have even experienced some amazing life shifts that all seemed to happen naturally and effortlessly. Being in a safe and supportive place allowed me to open up and explore unexpected areas of myself leading to a greater state of well being. Ali taught me some very useful tools to empower me in my life, and I feel stronger and more balanced as a result. Each session made me feel nurtured, relaxed, and more at ease in my body, mind and spirit. I hope many more people will have the opportunity to experience Ali's energetic healing. Thank you Ali!" - LV, Vancouver  

"Ali has combined her gifts to create a relaxing experience for her clients in her beautiful treatment space. She has a loving and calm energy, combined with strong intuition, to support her clients needs using a variety of energy healing methods." - Caroline MacCallum MD, Vancouver 

"Client of Ali's here. If you feel the pull dive in, and do it now - this woman's blowing up. Ali has incredible skill, depth and intuition. Working with her has been liberating and deeply nourishing. Ali is one of those rare practitioners who are fluent in the language of the soul." - SP, Vancouver

" I could not be a bigger advocate of Ali as a healer. I saw Ali consistently over a number of months and I couldn't believe how much clarity I felt in my life - Ali is one of those people you'll have a hard time NOT connecting with. She has a true gift - Highly recommend spending some time with her and exploring!" - SB, Vancouver

"It takes tremendous courage to step outside the norms of society and put yourself out there for the world to see. Many are not yet ready to take the leap to receive and understand energy healing, but to those who are, I can't say enough good things about the practice. I'm definitely going to book in for more sessions when I return to Vancouver!" - MM, Vancouver / Australia 

"Thank you Ali for the time and space you put into your energy healing session! At first I was unsure of what this experience would be like, but you have opened up my eyes to the power of energy healing and I am forever grateful. Your beautiful and comfortable space ensures I am always comfortable (with tea, blankets, hot water bottles, etc.), and your own energy is extremely open, healing and magical. You are extremely gifted and I enjoy every session I attend. This is a service I highly recommend to my friends and loved ones.  - Jacqueline Parker, Founder at Beauty Reawakened & Co-founder at The Green Beauty Collective, Vancouver 

"Ali has made a significant impact on my life through her energy healing sessions and healing workshops. She has a true passion for her work and a depth of knowledge that I have not seen elsewhere. Ali is a great teacher, an outstanding human and a powerful healer that I would recommend to anyone seeking a transformation in their life." - NS, Vancouver

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