Signature Session

The signature session is a special offering unique to Ali's healing method and is designed to clear stagnant energy, release past and present blocks and align your energetic field. Through a combination of techniques included somatic based awareness, intention setting, awareness dialogue and hands-off energy healing, this personal session will awaken your body's wisdom as well as your innate healing potential towards wholeness, harmony and well-being. These sessions focus particularly on long term healing results and are deeply beneficial in a series of 4+ sessions. 

The session may include a blend of :

  • Intuitive Healing & Guidance
  • Advanced Integrative Energy Healing (AIEH™)
  • Somatic-based Awareness Dialogue  
  • Guided Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Clear, non-judgemental, spiritual information, to offer perspective on your situation

The healing benefits of energy healing include:

  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Increased clarity and stillness of the mind (a sense of 'spaciousness' within yourself)
  • Emotional balance, wellness and increased Self-worth & Love
  • Help in revealing one's personal truth and higher purpose
  • Release physical and emotional pain and discomfort
  • Calming of the nervous system and a sense of embodiment and presence
  • Heighten your awareness of the physical body
  • Deepen your spiritual connection / Spiritual perspective on one's current situation
  • Ease, compassion and acceptance of one's life and life path

Length: 90 MINS
Fee: $85 per single session  /  $320 for 4 sessions  /  $450 for 6 sessions  /  $550 for 8 sessions               

Ali believes working with young people is just as necessary and important as adults. A discounted rate applies to anyone 17 & under.

Length 60 or 90 MINS

Fee: $50 (60 mins) or $60 (90 mins)   /   $180 (60 mins) or $200 (90 mins) for 4 sessions


crystal healing

Crystal healing uses precious gemstones to connect and rebalance your physical body and entire energetic system (energy field and chakra centres). Crystals work naturally, by drawing out ‘negative’ or non-beneficial energies from your body and energetic system and are highly supportive in balancing and recharging these areas as well as your spirit. Crystal healing is a non-invasive, holistic practice that utilizes the natural power and vibration of crystals and minerals to improve health and wellness on all levels of your being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Crystals are not only healing within themselves, but also work to activate natural self-healing processes of your body and energetic system for increased health over time. 


The healing benefits of crystal healing include:

  • Reduced Physical pain and ailment including: headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, menstrual discomfort, allergies, skin sensitivities and conditions and increased immunity 
  • Sense of peace & tranquility
  • Releases stress and anxiety
  • Lifting feelings of depression
  • Increased levels of alertness, focus and presence
  • Balances chakra system & energetic field 
  • Release stagnant energy, boosting energy on all levels 
  • Connects you to a place of inner peace and healing
  • Supports spiritual development
  • Guides one to finding true purpose in life 

Length: 60 MINS

Fee: $60 per session

Or Add On to a Signature Energy Healing Session: 

Fee: +$30


Your session with ali 

During your healing session with Ali, you can always expect, a safe, comforting and clean environment, as well as a calm, grounding and 'held' healing space. Sessions often begin with a cozy cup of herbal tea, as well as conversation that focuses on clarifying your present scenario or feeling and intention setting around what aspects in your life you would like to focus your session on. This is often followed by a guided meditation and somatic-based awareness in connection to your intention, and table work (lying comfortably on a massage table while hands-off or light touch energetic healing takes place.) Ali leaves you with self-regulation tools to take away as well as self-care suggestions connected to your healing and intention that are simple, yet supportive in continuing to deepen your healing work post session.