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What is Integrative Energy Healing?

Integrative Energy Healing is a unique, in depth approach to healing. It works directly with our energetic system (chakra centres and auric layers) by using techniques rooted in ancient eastern lineages and combines with modern energetic research such as somatic-based awareness methods, and awareness dialogue in order to support the client in optimal healing and transformation. Integrative Energy Healing follows a holistic approach in order to honour all aspects of the body - mind - emotions and soul/spirit and is anchored in creating life long healing benefits and results.

How does it work?

Our energetic system (chakra centres and auric layers) can seem quite complex, but using the analogy of a river is a great way to get an idea of what takes place during an energy healing session. At our healthiest, our energetic system (that runs in channels like our nervous system or veins and arteries) is akin to a strong, clear river, running freely and flowing with ease and aliveness. However, it is natural that at times our river may become blocked, with big rocks, or debris (think of leaves and sticks building up after a storm - similar to an emotional episode or argument). Sometimes we haven't been eating healthy or sleeping enough, this may appear as pollution in our river, or a drying up at the edges - the water levels lowering and our powerful flow then weakening somewhat. A giant boulder across our river may seem like a roadblock in life - an issue that we see no other way around, and have to bend and twist uncomfortably to 'work around it'. These are all examples of what can happen to our river. If our river is not cleaned and cared for, eventually, over time the life around the river is impacted as well, animals no longer come to rest and drink if the river is dry or polluted and plants don't grow or thrive either. The entire eco-system (our life that happens around our body and energy field - family, work life, creativity, interests, dreams and goals and relationships) also feels the affects. Once our river is cleared, rebalanced and running freely and powerfully again - so the eco-system begins to grow and thrive again! 

 Energy Healing works to re-connect energetic channels, release energetic 'debris', refill any areas of depletion and restore us to our most healthiest and natural state - a bright, healthy river! 

Energy Healing practitioners are trained to look and sense for areas in a client's energetic field that are blocked, depleted, imbalanced, stagnant / stuck or overcharged. 

Combining these balancing and restorative energetic techniques with a deeper understanding of each client personally, Integrative Energy Healing assists in the client assimilating and processing their healing and transformation, in order for benefits and results to remain long term. Integrative Energy Healing supports the client to build a personal 'toolkit' - simple techniques, practices and mindsets to ensure the client's ability to integrate their healing as well as the confidence to support oneself in self-regulating and personal wellbeing. 

How does energy healing benefit me?

The benefits of Integrative Energy Healing include: 

  • Reduced Anxiety/Stress/Depression
  • Increased clarity and stillness of the mind and greater perspective
  • Emotional balance, wellness and increased Self-worth & Love
  • Greater ability to cope with life circumstances small or large (a tool kit to take with you)
  • Healing and transformation of 'negative', repetitive patterns 
  • Help in revealing one's personal truth and higher purpose
  • Release physical and emotional pain and discomfort
  • Calming of the nervous system and a sense of embodiment and presence
  • Heightened awareness of the physical body and a deepened spiritual connection to source
  • Ease, compassion and acceptance of one's life and life path

Assistance to move energy blockages along with a deeper understanding around root causes or repetitive patterns can help people make more conscious, healthy choices in everyday life. Deepening a connection with your own body and intuition also gives you access to more self-awareness. Awareness is like a light in the darkness, it helps us to see what we couldn’t see before. Sometimes we feel spread thin or as though we are carrying around heavy emotions with us, energy healing can often give us a sense of coming into wholeness, lightness or self retrieval - returning to us a piece of ourself that was lost or dissociated during trauma in earlier years or lifetimes. The client is given a safe space and techniques to assimilate this energy. The assimilation process may continue for up to 2-3 days after a healing session during which time you are still integrating. After this integration period, someone may notice subtle, yet profound shifts and transformation in their personal life and way of being. 

What's the difference between Integrative Energy Healing and Reiki?

Reiki practitioners receive an 'attunement' by a certified Reiki Master Teacher. This then attunes them to what is known as “Reiki energy” or 'chi' - universal life force energy'. This allows the Reiki practitioner to channel the energy from themselves to their clients.  A Reiki practitioner will attend a minimum of two weekends training to be able to be called a Practitioner.

Integrative Energy Healing practitioners spend at least 2 years of full time training to be classed as practitioners. They are trained to ground, to increase presence and intention through themselves while they work with the 7 chakra centres and 7 layers of their client’s auric field. Energy healing also works by tracing symptoms back to their energetic causes within the energetic system. Several different healing techniques are used for the benefit of the client.

Integrative Energy Healing is based on the Barbara Brennan Healing School and uses many healing techniques to help people back to total health. Techniques can include Inner Child healing, Relationship Cord healing, chakra balancing and restructuring, organ and spine cleansing as well as many others. Trained Integrative Energy Healing Practitioners are also able to offer insight on building a 'toolkit' and lifestyle, and work constructively with the emotions released during the healing process. Part of the training also involves the students themselves working with qualified energy healers to cleanse and balance their own energy fields. Doing this allows and encourages them to run an increased level of 'clearer' energy when working with clients. 

Do I have to believe in it for it to work?

Not necessarily. Energy healing can happen regardless of what you believe. We all have the capacity to be able to offer energy healing to one another.  Like any other skill it is something that gets better with practice, refinement and experience. Often it is our intention that is so powerful that we can help another or ourselves heal, simply by focusing on this. Our thoughts can be quite powerful though, so an open mind is best, especially when it comes to benefits and results lasting longterm. 

How much information is needed from me for a successful healing?

All that is needed is your permission. When working on something specific, sharing in as much detail feels comfortable to you can be helpful. Energy healing can also support you and provide healing without sharing any information.

How long does it take and how many sessions?

This depends on what your focus is, a lot can shift and transform after just one session. However, 4 sessions is a great way to support your energetic process, as well as deepen your awareness and integration when working on something specific. Depending on the intensity or depth of your work, these steps may take more than one session, in which case anywhere between 6-10 sessions are recommended, from that point, the energy work continues to unearth layers of your being and purpose at a level of great depth.  

How much does it cost?

A signature energy healing session with Ali is 90 mins : $85 per single session. Or you can book prepaid sessions at $300 for 4  /  $420 for 6  /  $480 for 8  /  $500 for 10. 

Aura Cleanse or Energy Reading with Ali is 60 mins : $65 per session. 

How can I become more intuitive or sensitive to energy?

You can begin by trusting and acknowledging the messages your body gives you on a daily basis. For example going to the bathroom when you need to, resting when you feel tired, exercising when you feel sluggish. Our body stores a ton of information and can even act as a map or guide to our emotional and mental wellbeing. Listening is often easier in stillness, so finding a moment to just take a 'pause' is beneficial when beginning to notice and listen to your body. Being curious, non-judgemental and accepting of your body will also make it easier to listen to and trust the messages it is offering. The more you practice, the greater your understanding of how it has been working to serve your best interest. This will lead you to greater insight and intuition, becoming more sensitive to the energy of your own space, others and even an entire room. Be patient with yourself and keep your sense of humour! Laughter, compassion and amusement are fantastic at shifting our energy!