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 Ali is a fun-loving and deeply devoted Energy Healer, highly skilled in 'reading' energy fields. Her passion is working wholeheartedly with our energetic system (energy field and chakra system) to encourage health, balance, vibrancy and wellbeing in all aspects of our lives.

 Ali has an incredible skill of gracefully breathing life and light into the more subtle realms of our awareness. Ali's unique education allows her to blend her energetic gifts with modern integrative methods such as somatic-based awareness, and guided meditation, supporting long term healing benefits. She loves to use her ability and skills in her field to call forth and awaken the beauty, harmony and life within each of us that holds highly healing vibrational frequencies, and believes in our body's innate wisdom to guide and support us to health and wellbeing. Ali has spent the past 8 years putting her intuitive, attentive and nurturing qualities to use, while creating a very comforting space for individuals to go deeper, discover and reconnect to themselves and the world around them.

She has a deep love for Mother Earth, wisdom teachings from around the world and honouring the beauty, and sacredness within and around us. Working with Ali you can expect to fall into a naturally healing, gentle pace - slowing down to offer reverence to who you are and where you have been. She asks that you come exactly as you are, and offer yourself permission to release, receive and be nourished on all levels of your being. 

Ali now works closely with her cherished and deeply respected teacher Karen Ishana Rae Wilson - a Higher Purpose Mentor, Creative Catalyst of Visionary Leadership, group and retreat facilitator and beloved global and environmental awareness singer-songwriter. 

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN:  After experiencing her own trials and tribulations of childhood trauma, at age 19 Ali traveled solo to Australia, and then to South America, South East Asia, India & Bali  . Without knowing at the time, this trip was changing her life, opening her perspective to new ways of being and igniting a very deep call within. It was incredible friends that she made along the way that acted as guides in her life, leading her to live in the United Kingdom  as she worked voluntarily at a Holistic Therapy centre called Inner Light Well Being Centre. The founder (Sue Cross) and main practitioner (Rebecca Dilworth) soon became her cherished teachers and mentors during her time there. 

EDUCATION: Ali is a graduate from the Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ program at Langara College, Vancouver, British Columbia - dedicating 2 years of full time study (700hrs) to the AIEH™ program with Ruth Lamb (Director). She was awarded the Alexandra Shewchuck Scholarship for outstanding practice and achievement and was given the opportunity to complete an internship in South India, teaching women and girls age 10-14 energy healing treatments and techniques along with self-regulation practices during her time spent there. 


Major subjects during her studies in the AIEH™ program included in-depth comprehension of the 'Biofield' or Human Energy Field (Dr. Melinda H Connor), Human Becoming - 'awakening series' (Ruth Lamb PhD.), Trauma and Somatic based awareness studies (Paulette Tomasson), Awareness Dialogue (Robin Fried), The Art of Body Reading and Clinical/Practicum experience and ethics.

Along with her studies Ali practiced as a student practitioner at rehabilitation centres (Pacifica, VCH Eating Disorder Clinic) in Vancouver, British Columbia and accumulated over 150 personal 1 on 1 healing sessions while studying. Ali has currently accumulated hundreds of individual sessions, helping clients to step into self-love, emotional healing, deeper connections, purpose and meaning, as well as healthy boundaries, communication and self-empowerment. 

During her mentorship experience at Inner Light Wellbeing Centre, United Kingdom, she was trained in the Chakra System, Reiki levels 1, 2 & 3, Crystal Healing and properties, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling and basic practitioner skills.

Ali's continuing education includes  attendance at workshops by Anodea Judith (Eastern Body Western Mind), Virginia Dudley (Healing Rose Reads and Spiritual Guidance) & Nathalie Keiller (Ayurveda and Deep Meditation). Personal practice and study through the themes of Deb Shapiro, Barbara Brennan, Donna Eden and Leslie Temple-Thurston have greatly influenced her present healing practice. Ali has recently attended trainings focusing on shadow work, and communication in personal development. She has completed classes on Spiritual Healing and Clairvoyance courses with teachers based in Boulder, Colorado as she continues to deepen and refine her abilities and healing techniques. 

PRACTICE: Ali's energy healing practice and energetic awareness and skill continues to grow while working closely with and supporting her clients on a path of holistic (body/mind/emotions/spiritual-energetic) wellbeing. She is deeply moved by the beauty in each person she works with, and is completely committed to continue learning and deepening her knowledge and skill in order to serve each person to the best of her ability. She believes that energy healing is a beautiful offering and compliment to any type of personal healing, development or medical treatment. Ali is continuously working on herself, guided by her teachers and mentors and also receives 1 on 1 energetic healing in order to remain a clear conduit and to provide a compassionate and empathetic point of view in her own practice. It is her deepest heartfelt joy to learn about and offer energy healing to others.

SESSIONS: Each session is unique and personal. Ali's intention is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for healing, balance and overall wellbeing. Sessions may included a diverse selection of healing techniques, self-regulation, and practical steps for afterwards - for more information